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Helping Former Inmates Rebuild Their Lives

What We Offer

At QC Metal Recycling & Salvage Inc/ Moving Mountains, we aim to promptly return former inmates back to their family and community as law-abiding citizens and re-engage as the best parents, employees, and neighbors they can possibly be. We also strive to break the cycle of recidivism and intergenerational criminal justice involvement. In addition, we advocate for social justice changes to eliminate undesired obstacles to full restoration of a citizen's rights.

To achieve these goals, we provide a complete rehabilitation system that includes a structured housing environment dovetailed with therapeutic opportunities. We also offer job training to those in need so they can promptly enter the workforce with the necessary skill sets. Get in touch with us in Charlotte, North Carolina/ Ohio for more information about our second chance program.

QC Metal Recycling & Salvage Inc/ Moving Mountains

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