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Hopeful Tomorrow  



Helping Former Inmates Get a Fresh Start in Life

QC Metal Recycling & Salvage Inc/ Moving Mountains is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina and Ohio soon to be National.  Our Second Chance program to former inmates, giving them the opportunity to start their life anew bringing families and their children together. If you wish to support our cause, feel free to send us your donations.  Be a part of the Change for a true REFORM>

Mission Statement

To help ex-offenders assimilate and reintegrate into their families and communities through a turnkey program that gives them an education, certification, housing and employment opportunities complete with all necessary documentations.

Dedication: “This project for me is with much love and many thanks to Mailek H. Sharpe. Mailek's stories really helped me to truly understand the difficulties and long term effects of incarceration. His shared life experiences brought invaluable insight regarding the obstacles individuals face after incarceration. His passion for reform  and belief that people are capable of change, and deserving of a second chance, free from the stigma of a criminal history. This is beyond passion and has inspired me for this mission. His life, a spark that lit the flame that will illuminate the path for so many Men and Women to know true freedom after incarceration. To truly be given a True Second chance.”

- Michelle Coffino

Faith Can Move Mountains


QC Metal Recycling & Salvage Inc/ Moving Mountains

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